What To Consider When Buying a Vacuum

It can be tricky to choose a vacuum for your home.

Although it may seem simple, there are a good amount of things that you should consider when acquiring a vacuum for a thick carpet and this can be overwhelming.

Something that you should consider is that you will probably be using your vacuum for other floor surfaces alongside a thick carpet.

Fortunately, a lot of vacuums for a thick carpet are also able to vacuum other surfaces. This is something that you should keep in mind.

Choosing a vacuum that can work on a thick carpet does not need to be difficult. As long as you know what the best ones are and what you should consider, you’ll be able to make your decision easily

How to Choose a Vacuum

Buying the latest and greatest vacuum for your thick carpet sight unseen is never a good idea. Even if the vacuum you buy is among the best on the market, you could still encounter some issues that could have been avoided if you just considered a few things.

Here are some things that you should consider before purchasing a vacuum for your thick carpet.

How Much Carpet Needs To Be Cleaned?

One thing you should consider is exactly how much carpet needs to be cleaned. Like any other given vacuum cleaner, vacuum cleaners that are designed for thick carpets can only hold so much in their dust cups before they need to be emptied. Different vacuum cleaners have different capacities and vacuums that are designed for thick carpets are no different.

Therefore, you should determine whether your vacuum cleaner is for a small area or a large area, because there is a difference.

Will You Need This Vacuum Cleaner For Multiple Rooms?

There are generally two kinds of vacuum cleaners that are designed for thick carpets. Some of the bigger ones are really effective at cleaning a large area of carpet. They have large dust capacities and very long cords, but are extremely heavy and are not suitable for carrying around. This makes them ineffective for cleaning multiple rooms.

If you do need a vacuum cleaner for multiple rooms, you might need to consider ones that are a little more compact. However, you’ll be sacrificing dust capacities and cord length. As simple as this sounds, this is an often overlooked consideration.

Do You Have Pets?

There are a surprising amount of vacuums that are not pet-friendly, and vacuums that are designed for thick carpets are no exception to this.

While many modern vacuums are equipped with filtration systems that are safe for pets, you would be surprised at the amount of vacuums that do not contain these kinds of systems in their brushes. While this does not make a vacuum good or bad, it is something to consider if you are intending to use your vacuum around pets.

A couple of things can happen if you use a vacuum that is not pet-friendly around pets. First, your pets could possibly get sick from the lack of filtration. Second, you might still encounter stains and other blemishes that you could have eliminated.

Corded or Cordless?

While most vacuums that can be used on thick carpets are bound to a cord, some are cordless and it is up to you to decide on which one benefits you more. This is related to the question about how many rooms you need to use the vacuum in, but it is so important that it deserves to be a separate issue.

Something you might notice is that corded vacuums are a little more powerful than their cordless counterparts. This makes corded vacuums a suitable choice if you need to do some deep carpet cleaning.

However, cordless vacuums can be just as powerful as their corded counterparts, and they are worth taking a look at, especially if you wish to use your vacuum in different rooms.

If you intend to use your vacuum on two different floors, then there is no question that you will get much more out of a cordless vacuum.



Standard, common vacuums are often not strong enough for thick carpets. While you can use a common vacuum cleaner on a thick carpet, you will probably not care for the results. Thick carpets call for specific vacuums because of the sheer volume of carpet that needs to be cleaned. You will need to dig very deep with a vacuum cleaner to get to the dirt that is underneath many a thick carpet, and to do this, you will need a vacuum that is designed for a thick carpet.

Surprisingly, there are quite a few vacuums that can work for thick carpets, but very few of these stand out among the best. Before learning about the best vacuums on the market for thick carpets, you should know what to look for in these types of vacuums.

What should you look for in a vacuum that can clean a thick carpet?

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