Best USA Made Drill Bits Reviews

Drilling a hole in a wall, piece of wood, or any other surface for that matter, is not the most difficult task you can embark on.

That said, if you venture to do this with less-than-perfect drill bits, you can find yourself getting angrier and angrier by the minute. Ultimately, it’s either the bit you’re working with or your nerves that are going to give up, thus throwing a spanner in the works of whatever task you were trying to accomplish.

Now, when it comes to using drill bits, what you have to pay attention to is their size, as well as the material they are designed to drill holes in.

For example, there are different types of drill bits depending on if you want to use them for drilling into wood, metal, concrete, or some other surface.

Also, in terms of the drill bit size, depending on where the bit set is manufactured, you can get yourself drill bits made according to the Imperial (less common, but used in the US) measuring system, or drill bits made according to metric measurement system (used across the world).

In this article, we’re going to talk about American-made drill bits, in particular. As you will see, these drill bits are not only made to fit the American measuring system but also possess excellent characteristics in terms of the quality of their make, as well as some other parameters.

We will describe briefly the ten most notable American brands when it comes to drill bits and also answer some of the most frequently asked questions in this category.

Here’s the deal.

Our Favorite USA Made Drill Bits

10 Best American-Made Drill Bit Brands

1) Irwin Tools

IRWIN Marples Forstner Bit Set, 14-Piece (1966893)

Starting in the year 1885, Irwin Tools company has become one of the most prominent manufacturers of tools in the United States, as well as abroad. The thing that makes this company so popular is the quality of their tools and the versatility of the fields they make these tools for, so to speak.

For example, the sectors that Irwin Tools makes their drill bits and other contraptions for would include metal-working, plumbing, automotive industry, masonry, drywalling, and several other fields.

To ensure that their products are always answering the needs of their customers in the best way, the folks at Irwin go out of their way to pinpoint their audience.

The thing is, they declare the professional tradesman as their primary audience, rather than the companies at large, so to speak. So, customer feedback and keeping in touch with the users of their products is what makes Irwin Tools stand out from the rest of the companies out there on the market.

2) Norseman

Viking Drill and Tool by Norseman 93840 SP-115 Type 240-UB 135 Degree Split Point Magnum Super Premium Jobber Drill Set (115 Piece)

Although the name of this company doesn’t necessarily fit the country it comes from, so to speak, Norseman is an easily recognizable name for a large number of workers and industry professionals across the world.

The starting point of any Norseman product, as the folks at this company claim, would be the high-quality steel. Thanks to the fact that all of their products are made out of high-quality materials, you can rest assured they won’t malfunction or break that easily, even if you’re using the tools in rough environments.

One other value that folks at Norseman swear by would be the consistency of delivering high-quality products to their customers year after year. Every year, the faithful users of Norseman products can rest assured that this company will have another new set of high-quality drill bits and other contraptions ready for them.

In case something goes wrong with some of the tools or tool accessories coming from this company, the owners of these tools can report a problem to the Norseman customer service and they will take care of it.

3) Drill Hog

Drill Hog USA 11/16' Drill Bit 11/16' Silver & Deming Bit HI-Molybdenum M7

When it comes to the development and sales of cutting tools, the folks at Drill Hog are one of the most respectable brands currently operating on the US market. Among other things, the folks at Drill Hog are responsible for manufacturing tractor repair equipment, as well as the equipment for trades and industries such as farming, metalwork, automotive industries, woodworking.

To be more precise, the folks at Drill Hog are good at making professional-grade cutting tools, so drills bits, saws, blades, grinding wheels, and other similar tools would be the bulk of their manufacturing output, so to speak.

In terms of keeping in touch with their customers, the folks at Drill Hog offer a lifetime warranty on their products. So, in case something goes wrong with a drill bit set you bought from them, or perhaps one of their hacksaw models, you can simply contact them, tell them what’s happened and they will take care of it for you.

4) W.L. Fuller Inc.

W. L. Fuller 10393010C #10 5-Piece Taper Drill Set

100%-made in the United States, the tools coming from W.L. Fuller Inc. are some of the best on the market. This company is a family-owned business that’s currently in its fourth generation and counting.

The list of tools this company manufactures is fairly long and it includes such entries as plug cutters, brad point drills, step drills, as well a host of other contraptions that can be useful for a grease monkey or some other type of handyman or woman. Among the materials that these tools can be used on, it’s not the only metal that you can cut through using one of Fuller’s accessory sets or tools. Wood, as well as various types of plastic, can also be fairly easy to use as the material of choice if the tools you’re using come from W.L. Fuller.

As a way of assuring their customers of their unwavering confidence in their products, the folks at W.L. Fuller issues satisfaction guarantees for each of their products. This means is that if you’re not satisfied with their product, you can return it to the manufacturers and they will give you a full refund.

5) Montana Brand

Montana Brand 54Pc Power Drill & Driver Tool Set

Made in Montana, US, a place with a rough climate and weather-hardened people, this company conveniently called Montana Brand offers represents one of the most well-developed businesses manufacturing power tools accessories and other hand tools.

The production process of all items that are made by this company is completed with the help of advanced CNC machines. These contraptions consist of both hardware and software, so to speak. You can make a drawing in a program on a computer and then translate this drawing into a real object with the help of this precise machine.

Other than their use of CNC technology, the folks at Montana Brand are also well-known for their use of high-quality materials for the building of their tools and accessories. Thanks to these high standards that the folks at Montana Brand are sticking to when it comes to manufacturing their products, they are able and willing to offer lifetime warranties for their hardware.

6) Vix Bits

Vix-Bit 5MM Pre-Drill Bit With Self Centering Guide

Vix bits represent a special breed of drilling bits that can help you center the drill bit every time perfectly so that you can easily drill a hole at a 90° angle every time. This brand is dedicated to producing this rare type of drilling bit.

While many handymen will simply learn how to do this by instinct after some time, there are drilling tasks that require you to make a perfect hole under perfect angle at all times, lest you end up spoiling the often thin material you’re working with.

Hinges, for example, are often secured by screws that are driven in by drills. Now, what can create a problem here is if you accidentally make a hole with your drill at an angle. If the material you’re working with is thin, the screw can penetrate the material on the other side, thus making a mess of the entire drilling ‘operation’, so to speak.

As far as the appearance of these Vix bits is concerned, it differs considerably from that of the other drill bits. With Vix bits, there is a guider part that is wider than the drill bit itself and serves to direct it and protect it when not in use. (Especially useful if the drill bit is particularly thin, for example, and it can break easily.)

7) KnKut

KnKut 29 Piece Drill Buddy Jobber Length Drill Bit Set 1/16'-1/2' by 64ths

Based in the US, the KnKut drill-bit producing company represents a family-owned business specializing in making all kinds of drill bits. To make a name for themselves on the market, these folks have gone out of their way to ensure that their products are not only well-made but that they are also made entirely in the USA – from scratch.

The way drills are made is that they first get slabs of metal that’s sourced and manufactured in the United States. Then, this metal is further cut, shaped, and prepared so that it can be turned into a drill that’s ready to be used.

Whether you work in a garage and fix motorbikes for a living, or you are a worker in a larger factory where you need to perform all sorts of cutting tasks, a drill bit set from KnKut is something you can rely on. The way their tools and tool accessories are made is that they possess industrial-grade strength, but you can use them whether you work for a specific type of industry, or are just a private individual with maybe a personal business.

8) Triumph Twist

Triumph Twist Drill Co. 090495 SAD13HD Size Ranger 1/16-Inch-1/4-Inch by 64ths High Speed Steel Drill Set, Black and Bronze Oxide Coated, 1-Pack

In 1952, a guy called Harry Beck created a company that would fill a void in the market that remain unaddressed at the time – the void of professionally-made drill bits for small-time manufacturers and artisans.

With the help of his sons, Beck would develop the Triumph Twist business from a small 420-foot building to a large company that is big enough to supply the entirety of the US with premium-quality drill bits.

As far as the motivational force behind the Triumph Twist business, the values of high-quality gear as well as solid customer service that will be there for the customers in case something goes awry with the tools they have purchased.

In addition to that, being able to ship the tools they manufacture easily across the entire United States would also be a well-worked out aspect of their business they are highly proud of, too. So, wherever you are within the United States, you can rest assured that Triumph Twist drill bits can get to you, as long as you order some, of course.

9) Melin Tool

Melin Tool CCMG Carbide Square Nose End Mill, Uncoated (Bright) Finish, 30 Deg Helix, 4 Flutes, 4' Overall Length, 0.8750' Cutting Diameter, 0.8750' Shank Diameter

With a motto that says ‘Less is more’, Melin is a company that aims to bring high-quality goods to their customers without adding any unnecessary fluff, so to speak. To be particular about what the folks at Melin think by their motto, it suffices to say that vibration is one of the most common problems with drills and the quality of the drill bit plays a role in preventing these vibrations from reaching levels where they may hamper your productivity.

When it comes to the type of drill bits the folks at Melin have in stock, you can count on a wide variety of products such as carbide drills, countersinks, as well as all sorts of custom-made drills for whatever purpose you can think of.

All the tools Melin produces are made with the help of CNC machines, so you can rest assured that each drill bit and another piece of drilling gear you get from this company is made with the help of a machine that ensures precision and high-quality of the end product.

10) American Made

Drill America - DWD29J-CO-PC 29 Piece M35 Cobalt Drill Bit Set in Round Case (1/16' - 1/2' X 64ths), DWDCO Series

Starting in 1986, the company of American Made Sales represents a US-based brand that, despite its rather general-sounding name, actually is only concentrated on making high-quality drill bits.

For anyone who fancies buying only and exclusively American goods, purchasing with this company would be a great option if it’s drill bits you are looking for. The folks behind this business are well-known to produce a wide array of drill bit types and sizes, so whatever sort of drill bit set you may need, chances are – you’re going to find what you’re looking for with American Made Sales.

The motto of this company says ‘Quality, Service, and Value’ and the versatility of the different drill bit types these folks are producing suggests that they understand what they’re talking about. Of course, if you want to learn more, you can visit them on their website and learn more about the products they have currently on offer.

How We Chose

Versatility of Products

While the fact that a brand has many different products in its roster doesn’t necessarily mean much, with drill bits this would be an important parameter to take into consideration.

Since drill bits are often sold in sets, a set needs to cover as wide a range of sizes as possible, because then you can do more different tasks with it.

Also, ensuring that a brand you’re buying from has drill bit sets made for different purposes (drilling into wood, metal, plastic, and other materials) will also ensure that you can use these drills for a variety of drilling tasks, which is particularly important if you use drills daily.

US-Based Brand

While the US is not the only country that makes high-quality drill bit sets, there are some advantages to buying a US-made set – especially if you’re from the United States yourself.

First off, the measurement system in the United States is imperial, which only two other countries use and which is fairly rare to find outsides of the US. So, if you are used to this measuring system, getting a drill bit set that is made by a US brand will certainly make your life easier in terms of figuring out the size of the drill bits you’re going to use.

Also, drill bit sets made in the US are well-known for their high quality of build and generous warranties, so if you want to buy some drill bits that are going to last you a long time, getting a US brand can be a great move.


Speaking of the devil, one of the most important parts of buying a US-based drill bit set would be the warranty.

Of course, not every US brand will be willing to issue these warranties, but those that do tend to be more reliable and well-respected than their competitors.

So, if you want to buy some drill accessories that you can rely on and behind which the manufacturer would be willing to stand in terms of quality and customer support, make sure to buy from a brand that offers a generous warranty for their products.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) What are brass drill bits used for?

As their name suggests, brass drill bits are used for drilling brass.

Since brass can be tough to drill through if you’re using regular drill bits, specialized bits are used for this purpose that is made out of the so-called high-speed steel.

This steel is made so that it can withstand functioning at high speeds necessary for cutting into brass.

2) What angle should a drill bit be?

This depends on the material you’re drilling into.

For softer materials, a more pointy, sharp drill bit will do the job better than a flat-headed one. Typically, bits with a tip angled at 118° will do the trick.

At the same time, for drilling into harder materials such as stainless steel, you would need a 135-degree bit.

3) Why the drill bit angle is 118°?

Initially, drill bits were made with tips of all sorts of angles and the exact angle of a drill bit was determined by every manufacturer for themselves.

In time, however, most manufacturers decided to stick with a couple of drill bit tip angles and these depend on what the bit is for.

For softer materials, as we explained above, 118° is more the optimal angle for both drilling a hole in the material faster and preserving the bit itself to the highest possible degree.

4) How do you enlarge a hole in a concrete block?

There are several different ways in which you can enlarge a hole in the concrete.

Perhaps the easiest one would be to use a hole saw – a special sort of drill bit that is designed for cutting holes in concrete. These specialized bits come in all shapes and sizes, so you won’t have a tough time finding the perfect one for your needs.

5) What are the different drill bits?

There are many different types of drill bits. The build of a drill bit depends on what they are made to drill into.

Here are some of the common types of drill bits:

  • Twist drills,
  • Masonry bits,
  • Flat bits,
  • Titanium bits,
  • Cordless bits,
  • SDS bits,
  • and many others.

All in all, buying an American-based drill bit set can be a great idea if you are from the US yourself and you don’t want to bother with the metric system and translating it into the imperial system.

Also, many US brands offer excellent quality of build as well as a solid customer service, so those would be the two further pluses you can count on, too. We hope you found this article helpful and we wish you plenty of luck with your purchase.

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