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Who doesn’t own a pair of jeans in their wardrobe? In decades past, jeans used to be seen as a sign of a person in the lower class of society. Now, jeans are worn by all groups of people all over the world, regardless of what their standing in society is.

Today, jeans are the most multidimensional pieces of clothing in existence. They can be worn casually or to your workplace. Jeans can even be worn to make a fashion statement. That is how much they have evolved.

Although you are likely to own more than one pair of jeans, you should definitely do all you can to make sure you own a pair that you can wear everywhere for a very long time.

Top Picks: 5 Best American Made Jeans: Trendy & Stylish

Top 10 Made in USA Jeans Reviews

1. 505 Regular Fit Jeans by Levi’s

Levi's Men's 505 Regular Fit Jeans, Medium Stonewash, 36W x 32L

There is a good reason why Levi’s has been a trusted name in jeans and casual pants for decades to come. It is really difficult to find a pair of casual jeans that you can keep for years and years without worrying about needing to replace them after so much wear and tear. There are few things less frustrating than needing to do this.

You will need to put forth effort in ruining Levi’s 505 jeans. They are made to last and they can withstand dozens of hundreds of washes without tearing or fading. Levi’s 505 is what you want if you are looking for a pair of jeans that will last a very long time.

Another fantastic thing about Levi’s 505 jeans is that they are very comfortable. They contain a little bit of room in the thigh area, but not so much to where they look too big. They sit at the waist as well, meaning they will not hang or ride up when sitting in them.

Something that you probably already know but should expect with Levi’s 505 jeans is that they are very plain looking. There is no way you’ll impress anybody wearing them at all and you should look elsewhere if you are looking for jeans that highlight certain areas of your lower body.

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2. Classic 5-Pocket Relaxed Fit Cotton Jean by Wrangler

Wrangler Authentics Men's Classic 5-Pocket Relaxed Fit Flex Jean

It is an unfortunate fact that most pairs of jeans are not as comfortable as they should be. Most of them get uncomfortably hot when worn, especially in hotter climates. One of the reasons why it isn’t very ideal to wear most pairs of jeans for long stretches of time is because the longer you wear them, the less comfortable they get. This is especially true if you wear them to work.

Wrangler’s classic jeans are among the most comfortable pairs of jeans that you will ever find. Even if you have them on for hours at a time in a hot climate, they will remain comfortable and you won’t be rushing to take them off at the end of the day. This is because Wrangler’s classic jeans are made of cotton denim, which is a much more breathable fabric.

Another reason why Wrangler’s classic jeans are designed for wearing to work is because of how well they hold up. You’ll be able to wash them hundreds of times and not need to worry about them fading or ripping or anything else.

Wrangler’s classic jeans offer nothing in terms of aesthetics. Because they are a relaxed fit, you will also need a decent leather belt to wear them properly, or else the chances are good that they will fall off. The relaxed fit properties also means they will appear a lot bigger than they should when worn.

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3. “Cindy” Women’s Jeans by Paige

PAIGE Women's Cindy Jeans, Marienne, Blue, 25

Most jeans for women are uncomfortably tight. This is because most of them are designed to highlight certain parts of the anatomy and most women understand that something like that comes at the cost of comfort. This can actually turn most women away from jeans because of this. They don’t want their jeans to squeeze them like most women’s jeans do.

You will not deal with excess tightness at all with Paige’s Cindy style of jeans. However, they also highlight the same parts of the body like most other women’s jeans do, meaning you will not sacrifice comfort for style and aesthetics. In fact, the Cindy pair of jeans have a slimming effect, which is another good thing about them.

The mid-weight stretch denim of the Cindy is another thing that ensures a comfortable fit. The fact that this denim is made of mostly cotton means that you will be able to wear them for long periods of time comfortably.

The only thing you might want to watch for with Cindy is really a matter of preference more than anything else. The side slits and raw hem might is quite a departure from the style of most women’s jeans, but this is more a matter of taste than anything else. 

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4. Classic 5-Pocket Regular Fit Flex Jean by Wrangler

Wrangler Authentics Men's Classic 5-Pocket Regular Fit Jean, Twilight Flex, 34W x 32L

Most pairs of jeans are not really designed for continuous physical activity. When working outdoors whether you are doing yardwork or construction, you know that most pairs of jeans get less and less comfortable the longer and longer they are worn. This is a significant problem and it seems like no pair of jeans have a solution no matter how comfortable they claim to be.

Wrangler’s flex fit jeans have solved this problem. They do so by being made of a special kind of denim called flex denim. This flex denim will allow you to move around constantly while air still circulates throughout your jeans, allowing them to retain their comfort no matter how long you wear them.

The regular fit of Wrangler’s flex fit jeans also allow them to be a little more fashionable than most other jeans that can be worn to work. Most jeans that are worn to work tend to appear a little bigger than they really are, but you will not experience this as much with Wrangler’s flex fit jeans.

The one thing about Wrangler’s flex fit jeans that need a little improvement has to do with its zipper closure. The zipper is a little longer on Wrangler’s flex fit jeans and this somewhat compromises how they look.

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5. 501 Original Shrink-to-Fit Jeans by Levi’s

Levi's Men's 501 Original Fit Jeans, Black - STF, 35W x 34L

One of the biggest issues with any given pair of jeans that are slim fitting is that they tend to shrink. Like with any item of clothing that shrinks, this is very frustrating as you will either need to replace them with a different pair of jeans or get used to the uncomfortability of your current pair of jeans that have now shrunk.

This is not an issue at all with Levi’s 501 jeans. Always being a trusted name in jeans, Levi’s 501 jeans are shrink-to-fit, and you’ll know exactly how they shrink once you wash them. Best of all, they will not shrink any further once you wash them, which is not too characteristic of other slim fitting jeans.

A lot of other slim fitting jeans not only tend to shrink, but they are also too tight to begin with. Again, this is not an issue with Levi’s 501 jeans at all. They fit around the waist a little easier than most other slim fitting jeans without sacrificing the inseam.

The only thing that might turn you off from Levi’s 501 jeans is more a matter of preference than anything else. It uses a button closure instead of a zipper closure, which takes a little longer for you to put them on and it also tends to make them a little tighter than they should be.

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6. “Maverick” Slim Fitting Jeans by Buck Mason

best american made jeans


Slim fitting jeans are designed for aesthetics, but the problem with most of them is that they usually look just like their straight or even wide leg counterparts. It isn’t often that you’ll be able to find a pair of slim fitting jeans that can give off an attractive fading appearance over time. You’ll find this in straight and wide fitting jeans, but not with slim fitting jeans.

The Maverick, by Buck Mason, are one of the most visually appealing pairs of slim fitting jeans that you can find. The fabric that the Maverick is made of naturally fades the longer you wear them and it seems like the longer you wear them, the better they look. The Maverick is your choice if you are looking for a pair of slim fitting jeans that look very attractive.

Another good thing about the Maverick is that unlike most slim fitting jeans, they are able to be washed in a machine. As long as you use cold water, you’ll be able to wash the Maverick pair of jeans over and over again with confidence.

One common issue with slim fitting jeans is that they tend to shrink, and the Maverick is no exception to this. They will shrink directly after being washed, and since they are not shrink-to-fit like some other slim fitting jeans, they do not shrink to any particular size.

7. Democratic ‘68 Selvage Jeans by Taylor Stitch

best american made jeans


Most pairs of jeans are very boring looking. Very few of them contain the faded look that most pairs of jeans used to be known for, instead opting for a very plain look that isn’t even very comfortable in the first place. You can even see this with designer jeans and that is a shame.

The Democratic ‘68 by Taylor Stitch is your answer if you are looking for designer jeans that contain the faded look that is absent in most pairs of jeans, including designer jeans. Its warped and natural red-cast denim give them a faded design that you won’t even see in the latest designer jeans.

Just because the Democratic ‘68 are very impressive looking does not mean they are not comfortable to wear, either. The medium rise will give you enough room at the waist while remaining tight around your waist. You will not need to wear a belt to keep the Democratic ‘68 from falling.

Like with most designer jeans, you should expect the Democratic ‘68 to shrink after washing them. Even more problematic, there is no way to tell what size the Democratic ‘68 shrinks to after washing them. They do not shrink to fit like some designer jeans are and that is unfortunate.

8. Straight Razor Jeans by Rising Sun

best american made jeans

Jeans that are strictly slim fitting tend to have a lot tighter of a fit than they should. On the contrary, jeans that have a straight fit tend to appear a lot bigger than they should. It is almost impossible to find slim fitting jeans that do not have an overly tight fit or straight fitting jeans that don’t give off a wide-fitting appearance.

Rising Sun’s straight razor jeans combine the best of both of these worlds. Being slim and straight fitting, you’ll be able to achieve the look of slim fitting jeans while enjoying the comfort benefits of straight fitted jeans. You’ll want Rising Sun’s straight razor jeans if you are looking for a pair of jeans that you can wear practically anywhere.

The selvage details from the way they are hemmed to their pockets are another thing about Rising Sun’s straight razor jeans that combine style and comfort. The fact that they are hemmed is one very good thing about it on its own as most pairs of jeans do not arrive hemmed and you will need to go to a tailor to get them hemmed.

Rising Sun’s straight razor jeans are a little more plain in their appearance than they should be. Most designer jeans either create an impressive fade the more you wear them or already contain a decent fade, but you will not get this with Rising Sun’s straight razor jeans.

9. “Kaihara Denim” Slim Straight Jeans by Freenote Cloth

best american made jeans


Slim fitting jeans, also known as skinny jeans, are among the most problematic pairs of jeans in existence. They are designed to be stylish but most of the time they do not succeed at doing this, usually resembling a pair of leggings instead. It is also very difficult to find a pair of slim fitting jeans that are comfortable.

Freenote Cloth solves these issues decisively with their Kaihara Denim slim straight jeans. Combining the appearance of slim fitting jeans with the comfort level of straight leg jeans, they are easily the most comfortable slim fitting jeans that you will find.

Kaihara Denim jeans are also very impressive looking, much more impressive looking than other slim fitting jeans. Containing sanforized dark indigo and flat felled seams, the Kaihara Denim produces the look that slim fitting jeans intend but not overwhelmingly so. Kaihara Denim will satisfy your need for a good pair of slim fitting jeans.

You will be taking a big risk if you wear Kaihara Denim jeans regularly. Because they are made of such fragile materials, they may not last long after washing them multiple times. The chances of them tearing or fading is very high and you need to be aware of this.

10. “Martin Copper” by Stovall and Young

best american made jeans


Something that many come to expect from designer style jeans is that they are not comfortable at all. Although the majority of designer style jeans look very impressive, they become almost painful to wear if you find yourself wearing them for any longer than a couple of hours at a time. Dealing with this split between comfort and style is very frustrating.

Comfort and style are unified with the Martin Copper jeans, by Stovall and Young. Being crafted with a chain stitched hem and white oak cone selvedge denim, they look much more impressive than any casual jeans but you will not notice a difference when wearing them. Look no further than the Martin Copper if you want a pair of jeans that you can wear regularly but will still look impressive.

Putting on a belt will not be a struggle with the Martin Copper, either. The belt loop is made of the same selvedge material as the pair itself, making it much easier to put a belt through. A lot of designer jeans do not have belt loops like this.

You need to be careful when washing the Martin Copper, you can wash them in a machine, but when you do make sure your washing machine’s settings are set as delicate as possible. Fail to do this, and you’ll risk ripping the Martin Copper.

American Made Jeans – A Buying Guide

Jeans are like any kind of clothing in that it is almost impossible to own one set of clothes for every occasion.

Certain clothes will be worn every day and some clothes are worn on special occasions, and jeans are surprisingly no different.

You’ll need to consider a few things if you are as interested in owning a few pairs of jeans as possible for multiple occasions.

  • Will You Be Wearing Your jeans Regularly?

Jeans have been seen as the ultimate form of casual wear for a long time, and one thing you will need to determine is if you’ll be wearing your jeans regularly.

Will You Be Wearing Your jeans Regularly?

If you are planning on wearing your jeans regularly, you’ll need to understand that they will encounter a lot of wear and tear so you might need to own one pair of jeans for casual occasions and one for special occasions.

  • Will You be Wearing Your Jeans to Work?

Wearing jeans to work is an entirely different animal than wearing jeans for casual outings and it is certainly different than wearing jeans for special occasions.

Certain pairs of jeans are designed for working in and you will certainly want to seek those out if you are in need of a pair of jeans that you can work in.

Best American Made Jeans
Durability Matters
  • Do You Need a Pair of Jeans for Special Occasions?

Some jeans can actually be worn on special occasions that require you to dress in business casual styles if they are impressive looking enough.

A good pair of nice designer jeans can certainly be more comfortable than designer pants when it comes to dates, meetings, or playing golf.

Keep in mind that designer jeans follow different washing methods than casual jeans. They also tend to shrink.

Best American Made Jeans
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  • Are You Planning on Replacing Your Pants with Jeans?

Keep in mind that while jeans are generally more durable than pants, the wear and tear they encounter is sometimes more pronounced than with other kinds of pants.

It can be very difficult to wash out certain stains from jeans so if you do want to replace some of the pants in your wardrobe with jeans, be very aware of these differences.

Are You Planning on Replacing Your Pants with Jeans?
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Frequently Asked Questions About Best American Made Jeans

Q: Are Levi’s jeans made in the USA?

Ans: Levi’s jeans are indeed American made, however, they are distributed from all over the world. This is where the confusion about whether they are made in the USA or not exists. However, before they are distributed, Levi’s jeans are created in locations all over the United States. They are not distributed only from the United States.

Q: Which brand has the best quality jeans?

Ans: The concept of quality is subjective, but when it comes to quality in terms of durability, Wrangler seems to be the best quality of jeans. Jeans made from Wrangler can be washed hundreds of times without encountering any pronounced wear and tear. When it comes to quality in terms of style and aesthetics, that is more a matter of preference than anything else.

Q: Do straight jeans look good on guys?

Ans: The answer to this question really depends on how much the man weighs and how his lower body is shaped. The thing about most straight jeans is that they are designed to be worn in casual settings, so the majority of them sacrifice style for comfort. However, straight jeans do look good on men who are a little overweight, since the straight fit tends to create a slimming effect.

Q: Can men wear tight jeans?

Ans: Tight jeans are very polarizing when it comes to aesthetics. Some men, look really good and tend to highlight the best areas of their lower bodies. This is especially true if the man has a slim but muscular frame. However, tight jeans do not look good on men who possess a slim frame that does not contain much muscle definition.

Ans: Are skinny jeans on guys attractive?

A: Some men can actually get away with wearing skinny jeans. However, these men need to meet certain criteria. First, they cannot be underweight. Skinny jeans do not look good on men who are underweight because it makes them appear a lot smaller than they already are. Skinny jeans are also not designed for men who do not have well-defined legs. Men should have a well defined but petite lower body in order to look decent in skinny jeans.


Jeans have been a staple in the wardrobe of most for decades now.

Because there are so many different pairs of jeans to choose from, it is easy to settle on the most casual-looking jeans just make things easy.

However, you should take some time to see what else there is out there. While casual jeans have their place, you should look into what their designer counterparts have to offer.

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