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When it comes to protecting your firearms and other belongings, gun safes are a must. As a gun safe manufacturer, I’ve noticed that many customers care much that the safe is created in the United States because it protects so much of their life.

Higher steel, better quality, and better quality assurance can only be achieved by American-made safes such as these top-grade gun safes built in the USA. Because they are made to order in a U.S. manufacturer, you have a lot more freedom when it comes to personalizing your safe.

This is where you’ll discover my recommendations for the greatest full-size safes, pistol safes, house safes, vault doors, and even vehicle-safety safes that I’ve come across. This manufacturer sells numerous safe models built in the United States, but I’ve chosen the one that offers the best value and that I’d be most likely to buy myself.

Best Gun Safe Made In USA Review

For people who want to store a lot of rifles, a full-size gun safe is the best choice. If it’s well-equipped, it can also store documents, valuables, and anything else you want to keep out of the hands of thieves.


Large Rifle Safe, Long Gun Safe for Rifle Shotgun for Home

Don’t leave valuables and long guns lying around to be stolen, or damaged through the wear of time. Keep them covered safely and in perfect condition inside our specialized Rifle Safe. This 5-gun Long gun rifle safe has been specially designed to store your arms appropriately, no matter how large or small they are. Safely store up to 5 rifles and shotguns, along with their accessories and ammunition, in a convenient location where you can keep an eye on them at all times and access it quickly when needed. Or keep it hidden from sight and give intruders no clue as to its whereabouts. Its wall-to-wall protection is guaranteed by 100% steel walls, and tamper-resistant inner edges. Plus, the safe allows you to turn on sound on/off depending on your particular needs and preferences.

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Biometric Rifle Gun Safe, Quick Access Fingerprint Long Gun Safe

Biometric Rifle Gun Safe, Quick Access Fingerprint Long Gun Safe – Built to keep your most important possessions safe. The hammering and pick-proof steel door ensures nobody will break in without the code. This biometric gun safe provides quick access – simply place your finger on the fingerprint reader and the door opens immediately for you! The sturdy cabinet can hold 5 rifles, guns, and ammo securely inside.

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Liberty Safe’s USA 30

If you’re a Centurion owner and are looking for that next step up in security and protection, but you can’t manage the $2,500.00+ price of our Presidential series, the USA 30 is just what you’ve been looking for. With a phenomenal level 3 security rating, steel-plated drywall anchors, 3 insured lock plates, scientifically tested composite door (created by experts to resist sawing and physical attacks), 60 minutes of fire protection at 1200 degrees Fahrenheit… And lots more features your friends will drool over.

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RPNB Rifle Safe, Electronic Gun Security Cabinet

Are you tired of storing your guns and valuables in a disorganized way? Are you looking for a more effective means to protect your possessions? RPNB rifle safe,electronic gun security cabinet is here to help! With its 5 live-door bolts and pry-resistant concealed hinges, it provides a reliable strength to keep intruders out. Ensure security and protect your guns from scratching or damage with the pry resistant concealed hinges. When someone attempts to force open the door, they will encounter 5 solid steel rods that extend and engage the lock face, making it nearly impossible to force open. The interior is fully carpeted and provides ample room for up to 10 rifles or shotguns and comes with a removable handgun rack, providing an additional 4 spaces. You can also use the surplus space for storing money, passports, valuables and other important items.

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Liberty Safe’s USA 48

The USA 48 gun safe is the perfect companion for serious collectors and avid sportsmen. Built by gun enthusiasts, for gun enthusiasts, Liberty Safe’s 40+ years experience leads them to believe a 60 minutes of certified fire protection and a 3-in-1 security rating are more than enough to protect your valuables from theft and fire. With up to 60% more space than similarly-priced models, you can fill it with thousands of dollars’ worth of guns, ammo, or other valuables without coming close to maxing out its interior.

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When you’re ready to add protection for your guns, choose a safe that’s as tough as they are. Our durable ProSteel™ safes are built in the USA, and they come in an eye-catching Stars and Stripes design. An Axis interior can be configured to store virtually any firearm — from long guns, to hand guns, to carbines and modern sporting rifles. The top-mounted gear loft gives you a location to keep frequently used accessories like your flashlight or cellphone charger. Plus, you’ll get peace of mind with our five star warranty and 30-minute fire protection rating. That’s American pride for you.

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Isn’t it time to store your valuable guns with something built like a tank? Whether you want to secure your guns, money, or precious jewelry, the Rhino Warthog is a safe that’s tough enough for the most extreme conditions. With a PA rating of 1400 degrees and an 80 minute fire rating (and ball bearing drill plate), choose the Warthog for piece of mind. With its heavy duty construction, including dual layer hard plate door bolts and drill resistant lock, it’ll keep your items safe from almost any monster.

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Among all the places you could keep your gun collection, it wouldn’t be right to keep them in a place that’s less safe than your bedroom. And at home, you’re probably using a basic door to hide your guns because a real vault door would be too expensive. But not this model! Our two-inch-thick doors are the best of both worlds: they offer the safety and quality of American Security safes but at an affordable and reasonable price. So protect your valuables from burglars or prying eyes with our gun safe vault doors. And if you’re looking for other storage solutions, we have many kinds of storage racks inside gun cabinets , as well as gun safe organizers for even more options!

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Fire King DM2520-3 3 Hour Fire Data Safe: 4.4 Cubic Feet

The Fire King DM2520-3 3 Hour Fire Data Safe with 4.4 Cubic Feet protects important documents, CDs and other valuables inside its fire resistant walls. The safe must maintain an interior temperature less than 125°F and an interior relative humidity less than 80% for class 125, when exposed to fire as per the Standard Time Temperature Curve for 3 hours to 1925°F. It must undergo all other requirements for the Fire Endurance Test, the Explosion Hazard Test, the Humidity Test, and the Fire and Impact Test. Basically, no explosion through 30 minutes to exposure to a 2000°F fire and immediate 30 foot drop test and a standard reheating for one hour to 1700°F.

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Edison Safes S603020 Sanford Series 30-60 Minute Fire Rating

With the 603020 Sanford Series 30-60 Minute Fire Rating safe you get more security for your money. Features include a 30 minute fire rating, 2 pre-drilled anchor holes in the bottom of our safes to allow for the safe to be drilled to the floor to keep the most determined thieves from removing the safe to break into it away from your location and an interior locking system. So next time you are looking for a large safe that wont break the bank stop by one of our dealers and make this big purchase today.

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Browning 1878 – 13 *New for 2021*

Its vault and gun design is ideal for anyone looking to ensure 3 levels of protection: Burglar, Fire, and Water. It comes with a 3-way bolt system with 1-1/4″ deadbolts and 4 active 1″ bolts that are designed to prevent the thieves from gaining access to either your goods or the safe itself. The adjustable shelf space will allow you to neatly stack up your valuables. The door is designed with a recessed handle so any moisture cannot get into the safe. The interior walls have been treated with fireproof ceramic wool to help stop infrared heat transfer while the exterior wall has a thick layer of fireboard so it can withstand at least 90 minutes of exposure to extreme heat.

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Rhino Ironworks AIW7256X 130 Minute Fire : 68 Long Guns 10 Pistol Pockets Gun Safe

The Rhino Ironworks AIW7256X 130 Minute Fire Safe with 68 Long Guns and 10 Pistol Pockets is a solid steel antique finish gun safe with the look of a 19th century bank vault. Features include full ¼” solid plate steel door front, 4 layers of 5/8” fireboard in the ceiling, 3 layers on the walls and floor, heat activated door seal that expands 7 times its size, external corner reinforcements on critical attack points, heavy duty 10 gauge formed steel body with corner reinforcements on critical attack points, 360° anti-spin hinge & handles for added protection, a full 130 minutes of protection at 1400°F, advanced multi-stage locking system including an anti-punch anti drill lock that is virtually impenetrable by hand tools. The patented F-4 locking system features an internal anti-tampering system where the cylinder spins with its lock when unlocked; it cannot be bumped or lifted out. A firey fun safe!

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Browning Safes Medallion Tall Extra Wide M65T Gun Safe

Don’t settle for a simple home security. Safeguard your prized possessions with the Browning Safes Medallion Tall Extra Wide M65T Gun Safe, 72x57x26in. Two locking systems and 68 pry-stop bolted corners keep out thieves, even when they try to pry, force, drill, punch, or push. Inside your Gun Safe, the DPX storage system conjoins with the Axis-compatible storage capabilities to allow you to personalize the arrangement of up to 59 firearms — or other important items, including documents and jewelry. Plus, if disaster strikes and fire is present in your home, the fire-resistant exterior ensures that your family can still access their most treasured belongings from inside your Browning Safes Medallion Tall Extra Wide M65T Gun Safe.

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KACSOO Gun Safe for Rifles and Shotguns Pistols

Can you remember where your rifle or shotgun was last time? In the safe? Locked up? Or at home with nowhere to go? KACSOO provides a smart home for your guns, so that you’ll never be without protection. Our gun safes are crafted from premium steel, and fitted with a digital keypad that requires PIN numbers and fingerprint scans. What’s more, our gun safes come in all quantities, allowing you to protect your handguns or high-powered rifles.

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STEALTH UL23 Gun Safe 23 Rifle Capacity 60 Min Fire 12 Gauge Steel High Security Electronic Lock

The STEALTH UL23 is built to give you absolute protection and peace of mind. This safe has been crafted with the highest quality materials, including steel designed especially to protect against fire and provide enduring strength. Built with a solid steel interior and door, this UL-rated safe can easily hold 23 long rifles. It is also equipped with a digital lock for next-gen fire protection with an electronic locking mechanism and relocker for power outages. With an easy-to-install, fully adjustable molle door panel organizer, you can add additional storage as your needs change.

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The following is a list of my favorite American-made gun safes, vault doors, handgun safes, house safes, and more! Quality, customization, and more are just some of the advantages of purchasing a safe built in the United States, which is why so many people do so. But there’s only one drawback: the price tag. Those on this list are my top picks if you want to spend your money wisely and get a safe that is built in the United States.

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