Coffee Mugs Made In USA

There is no form of drinkware quite like the coffee mug.

Anybody who knows what a good cup of coffee is supposed to taste like also knows that the right coffee mug will make any kind of coffee taste that much better.

Although coffee mugs seem like they are simple enough in their design and concept, there is more to it than that.

Whether you need a coffee mug for your home or a set of coffee mugs for an establishment, you’ll need to know what the best ones are.

The following coffee mugs are ones that you should definitely check out.

Top Picks : 5 Best Coffee Mugs Made In USA

Ten Featured Coffee Mugs Made in The USA

1. Clear insulated tumbler with travel lid by Tervis

Tervis Made in USA Double Walled Clear & Colorful Tabletop Insulated Tumbler Cup Keeps Drinks Cold & Hot, 16oz Mug, Clear

Most tumbler style coffee mugs are made of plastic that usually does a very substandard job of insulating if they even contain insulating properties. Unfortunately, most travel style coffee mugs are made of this kind of material, meaning your coffee will get a lot colder than you might like. Further, metallic travel containers are the only alternative to this and those drastically affect how your coffee tastes.

Tervis has solved all of this with its insulated tumbler. It comes with a travel lid, enabling you to take it on the go just like any other tumbler coffee mug that you can take with you on the go. However, Tervis’ mug has the same kind of insulating properties that most metallic travel containers do, making it much more preferable to said metallic travel containers.

Most plastic mugs tend to condensate just as much as glass, if not more. However, you will not need to deal with this with Tervis’ mug either, since the additional layer that provides the insulation properties will also prevent condensation. This makes it possible for you to not only fill it with hot beverages like coffee, but also cold beverages without any penalty.

The only thing that you might need to watch for with Tervis’ coffee mug is that the lid tends to come off much easier than other mugs like it. Also, you should not expect to fit this in a cup holder of a car because of how it is designed. There are certainly better designed mugs in existence, especially when it comes to mugs that you can take with you.


2. Medium ceramic mug by Clay in Motion

Clay in Motion Medium Mug (Mystic Water)

Sometimes you want to drink coffee in style. However, given the mostly boring look of most ceramic coffee mugs, it can be really difficult to find a coffee mug that looks really impressive, stylish, and elegant. Oftentimes, you’ll find yourself settling for a coffee mug that has very simple designs or even worse, coffee mugs that contain a solid, boring color.

Clay in motion has solved this decisively with their line of ceramic mugs. You get nearly a dozen different designs to choose from, each one containing an impressive blend of colors to fit a certain theme of nature. This is perfect if you want a set of different and impressive looking coffee mugs for your home or even if you own a small coffee shop.

Ceramic is also a very strong material, and this makes Clay in Motion’s ceramic mugs even more valuable. Although it may chip if dropped, the chances of it shattering are relatively low, unlike glass mugs which are guaranteed to shatter if dropped.

The only thing that you need to watch out for with Clay in Motion’s mug is that the handle is a lot smaller than other coffee mugs. It can feel awkward when holding it and this can create some difficulties for anyone with big hands. Holding it outside the handle can also be dangerous, given that ceramic heats up very fast.


3. Banned book coffee mug by The Unemployed Philosophers Guild

Banned Book Coffee Mug - The Best Books That were Thought to Be Too Scandelous or Subversive to Read - Comes in a Fun Gift Box

Most coffee mugs that have sayings or phrases on them are really tacky. Some of them are so tacky that you’ll never want to be caught drinking from one of them if you have guests at your home. If coffee mugs do not have tacky sayings of phrases on them, they’ll just have the word “coffee” and its variations printed all over the mug. It’s certainly an issue of quality for some.

The Unemployed Philosophers Guild’s coffee mug is what you are looking for if you need a coffee mug that shows that you have class. On the mug are the titles of books that at some point in time were considered too controversial for the public. This is much better than possessing a mug with tacky sayings and phrases on them.

Most ceramic mugs are not dishwasher or microwave safe. If they are and they contain designs, the designs will wash right off when placed in the dishwasher or they will start to fade if you microwave them for too long. This is not the case with the Unemployed Philosophers Guild’s coffee mug. Nothing on it will fade if put into a dishwasher or a microwave.

Unfortunately, a standard ceramic mug is all you get with the Unemployed Philosophers Guild’s mug as far as physical attributes are concerned. There are no insulation properties to it and you should expect heavy condensation from it. Also, it will be very hot to the touch when there is coffee in it, even if you are holding it by the handle.


4. Set of 4 square handle mug set by American Mug Pottery

American Mug Pottery Ceramic Square Handle Coffee Mug, Made in USA, Ivory (17 oz - Pack of 4)

One of the most underlooked but also essential parts of nearly any given ceramic or porcelain coffee mug is the handle. While the standard rounded coffee mug handle is perfectly fine for most, there are some instances where a square handle is preferred. The issue here is that not many coffee mugs with square handles exist.

All of this changes with American Mug Pottery’s square handle mug set. Whether you hold the mug from the outside or the inside, these square handles are perfect for making sure that the mug does not fall out of your hands. Anyone who does prefer square mugs will recognize and appreciate this difference.

Another nice thing about American Mug Pottery’s square handle mugs is that they are lead and cadmium free. This means they will prevent coffee from staining the inside of the mug and it also means that there are a lot less contaminants in the mug. The capacity of 17 ounces also makes them ideal for practically any kind of coffee related beverage.

The only thing you might not like about American Mug Pottery’s set is that the mugs are extremely heavy. This is because of their capacity as well as the fact that they are made of stoneware materials instead of the industry standard ceramic materials. This can cause you to drop the mugs if you are not careful or used to mugs made with such materials.


5. Set of 4 bistro style coffee mug set by American Mug Pottery

American Mug Pottery Ceramic Bistro Style Coffee Mug, Made in USA, Cobalt Blue, 14 oz - Pack of 4

Coffee mugs that are made of stoneware materials instead of ceramic materials come with a lot of nice benefits: They are dishwasher safe, any designs or colors on them will not fade when washed, and nearly all of them are free of lead and cadmium, making the coffee that you put in them that much safer to drink.

One of the biggest issues that surround stoneware mugs is that they are often much heavier than their ceramic or porcelain counterparts. This can cause many to turn away from them. You will not need to deal with that when using American Mug Pottery’s bistro style coffee mugs. Even though they use stoneware materials, they are still very lightweight.

The handles of American Mug Pottery’s bistro mugs are also very pronounced, allowing you to drink from them a lot easier than most other coffee mugs. Most other coffee mugs have handles that are thin and don’t really do a good job of preventing the mug from being too hot to the touch. American Mug Pottery’s bistro mugs are not affected by this at all.

Capacity is something that American Mug Pottery could have definitely improved on with their bistro mugs. Each mug only has a 14 ounce capacity which can turn some off, especially those who want to just fill their coffee mug once.


6. Double wall vacuum insulated tumbler with lid by Civago

CIVAGO Stainless Steel Coffee Mug Cup with Handle, 12 oz Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Tumbler with Lid Travel Friendly (Aqua, 1 Pack)

Nearly all coffee mugs, especially ones that you can travel with, suffer from what seems to be the same common issue: The beverages that you put in them just will not stay hot or cold for long periods of time. Sure, they will stay hot or cold for a little while, but after an hour or two it will just go lukewarm. This issue never seems to be addressed decisively.

All of this changes with Civago’s coffee mug. It is designed with double wall vacuum insulation, and this kind of insulation practically guarantees that it will stay hot or cold. The contents in Civago’s mug will stay hot for 3 hours or cold for 9 hours and this is with the mug being around standard room temperatures. Never again will you need to worry about any of your beverages turning lukewarm just because you didn’t drink it fast enough.

Civago’s mug is made of stainless steel, and unlike other travel mugs that are made of plastic, you will not need to worry about it chipping or anything when dropped. You could drop it from several stories and nothing will happen to it.

However, the fact that Civago’s coffee mug is made of stainless steel means that it can and does affect how beverages inside of it taste. While this is usually not noticeable, some users will notice it. It could also use a lot more capacity, especially for a travel mug. 12 ounces just is not enough.


7. Go green earthware classic mug by Emerson Creek Pottery

coffee mugs made in USA


Whether it is made of stoneware, ceramic, or porcelain, most coffee mugs contain all kinds of chemicals with most of the materials taken straight from the environment. This is a sad state of affairs that most just accept when purchasing their coffee mugs and it is unfortunate that there do not exist many coffee mugs that are eco-conscious as well as functional in the long term.

Emerson Creek Pottery has changed all of this with its earthware mug. Being made with a low gloss glaze, it is made of materials that are eco-friendly but very much usable at the same time. Any chemical that accompany other mugs are gone here: Emerson Creek Pottery’s mug does not contain lead, cadmium, or any other chemicals that most just put up with in their coffee mugs.

Even better, you can use Emerson Creek Pottery’s mug in a dishwasher, microwave and even an oven without any penalty at all. This is a quality that most ceramic mugs don’t contain, let alone any other eco-friendly coffee mug.

There are two things that you will need to watch for with Emerson Creek Pottery’s mug. First, it is very sensitive to temperatures. This is in large part due to its crafting and it is a sacrifice. Another sacrifice is capacity. 12 ounces is all you get with Emerson Creek Pottery’s mug, which is a shame.


8. Set of 6 glass coffee mugs by Anchor Hocking

Anchor Hocking 16-oz Café Glass Coffee Mugs, Clear, Set of 6

Most coffee mugs are made of porcelain, ceramic, or some other stoneware material. While this doesn’t compromise their aesthetic value too much, there certainly do exist coffee mugs that offer a little more in terms of aesthetics that are in demand. This is especially true if you need a coffee mug for an upscale establishment.

Anchor Hocking has created a coffee mug set that goes above and beyond others in terms of aesthetics. Six glasses come in the set, and they don’t come any more elegant than these. They are perfect if you need coffee mugs for an upscale establishment, since they are suitable for coffee as well as any other beverage.

Another interesting and fantastic thing about Anchor Hocking’s set is that they are much more durable than most other glass mugs. This is due to their weighted design. The mugs in the set are also made of high quality glass that does not warp, stain, or retain smells either.

However, like with any other piece of drinkware that is made of glass, hazards are present. First, even though the mugs in Anchor Hocking’s set are durable, it doesn’t mean that they are totally shatterproof. Also, they will also encounter condensation and are incredibly sensitive to hot temperatures.


9. Holiday mug by Lenox

Lenox Holiday Mug

There are a lot of issues surrounding holiday themed mugs. First, most of them look incredibly tacky. There are certainly moments that you wouldn’t be caught with one. That is how tacky most of them look. Another thing that most holiday themed mugs suffer from has to do with function. Most of them are far too delicate than they need to be.

Lenox’s holiday mug is one that not only would you won’t feel embarrassed about owning, you will actually be eager to show it off. Being made of ivory bone china and containing 24 karat gold accents, Lenox’s holiday mug certainly does not look like a holiday themed mug that you bought at a dollar store, which is what most holiday themed mugs look like.

Any holiday themed mugs that do look impressive tend to sacrifice most of their functionality for their aesthetics. However, Lenox’s holiday mug is just as durable and easy to clean as other mugs are. It is dishwasher safe, chip resistant, and you’ll be able to replace it easily if it happens to break.

There are a couple of things that you need to watch for with Lenox’s holiday mug. First, its capacity is lacking. It is a very small 12 ounce mug which is considerably less than average when compared to other mugs. It also gets very hot very quickly because of the materials it is made of.


10. Set of 4 irish coffee mugs by Libbey

Libbey 10.5-ounce Irish Coffee Mug, 4-piece Set

It is very rare to come across coffee mugs that actually reflect the kind of fine dining atmosphere that is synonymous with most high end coffee establishments. Believe it or not, most patrons do judge the overall quality of the places they go to by how good the drinkware looks. The more pronounced the high end environment of the establishment, the more true this is.

Libbey’s set of irish coffee mugs go above and beyond nearly any other coffee mug set when it comes to aesthetics. Not only do they look much different from any other coffee mug, they look different in a good way. If you order these for your establishment and serve coffee in them, patrons will be impressed.

Most coffee mugs of this aesthetic caliber usually leave a lot to be desired when it comes to function. This is not true with Libbey’s set of mugs. They are dishwasher safe as well as microwave safe, qualities that are typically not seen in coffee mugs that are this elegant.

Unfortunately, being dishwasher safe and microwave safe are the only real useful qualities about Libbey’s coffee mugs. They leave too much to be desired when it comes to capacity, only possessing a capacity of 10.5 ounces. There are also many other coffee mugs that are much more durable than Libbey’s mugs.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where are Starbucks mugs made?

A: Because Starbucks is a large organization, their mugs are made from all over the world. It is very rare that the mugs that you see in Starbucks are made in the USA. Most Starbucks mugs are made in places where they are cheap to make and distribute.

Q: Are porcelain coffee mugs safe?

A: Porcelain coffee mugs have a bad tendency to develop chipping over time. Although they are a lot safer than glass coffee mugs which are prone to shattering, the fact that they develop chipping does take away from how safe they can be. Still, if you are careful enough, porcelain coffee mugs are just as safe as any other mug.

Q: Which coffee mugs are better: porcelain or ceramic?

A: Porcelain and ceramic mugs have different things to offer in terms of different qualities and properties. It is easier for designs to be imprinted on porcelain mugs, which generally gives them a little more aesthetic value. However, ceramic mugs tend to be a little more durable than their porcelain counterparts, thereby making them a bit more functional.

Q: Is porcelain stronger than ceramic?

A: Porcelain is not stronger than ceramic. It is made of materials that are marginally softer than their ceramic counterparts. This allows for more freedom when it comes to creating designs, often at the expense of durability. However, the differences in durability between these two materials is practically negligible, and very few can tell the difference.

Q: Do Starbucks mugs contain lead?

A: Mugs that are sold at Starbucks are typically designed to last very long, often sitting on the shelves of their establishments for very long periods of time. Therefore, most of their mugs contain lead since it is cheaper to make than mugs that do not contain lead. Unless it is specifically stated, the majority of Starbucks mugs contain lead.


You may think that choosing a coffee mug or set of coffee mugs is a simple decision, but because they exist in so many forms and variations, this decision isn’t nearly as simple as it leads on.

However, this doesn’t mean that choosing a coffee mug or set of coffee mugs that is best for you needs to be overly complicated, either.

Take some time to explore what the coffee mugs you are interested in have to offer and compare them to others. It’ll make your decision making process a little easier.

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