Air Fryer Made in USA

If you want an air fryer made in the USA, there’s nowhere better to look. Find the perfect fit for your needs and budget from our list of the top 10 choices. Review some of the most popular models on Amazon with hundreds or even thousands of reviews to eliminate the guesswork of finding the … Read more

Best Cooler Made in USA

Nearly any outdoor social event will require a cooler. Whether it is tailgating, going to the beach, camping, or just hosting a barbecue in your backyard or pool, you will need some kind of cooler to store all your beverages, among other things. The concept of the cooler is deceptively simple: It is a contraption … Read more

Best Bath Towels Made in the USA

bath towels made in usa

It would help if you had something that will make you feel elegant, stylish, and comfortable while wrapping yourself with the super soft and absorbent towel. When you realize the towel you are using is thin, rough, and lacks a fast absorber, you need to upgrade to the high-quality towels. There are many bath towels … Read more

21st Century Hydrocarbon Refinery

The place to end oil dependence1 is at the oil refinery. The job of the oil refinery is to break down the crude oil (chemical splitting) at the molecular level, by separating the molecules and then recombining them in such a way that they become useful fuels and chemicals. The refinery only needs a cheap source of … Read more

Water For Algae Farms

The earth will never experience a real water shortage because over 70% of the earth’s surface is covered by the oceans of the world—the average ocean depth is greater than two miles. The volume of water in the oceans is large enough to cover the world’s continents with seawater to a depth of five miles … Read more