Advantages of Carpet Flooring

A Carpet is a textile floor cover that consists of an upper layer of pile that is attached to a backing. The pile is made of wool or synthetic fibers such as nylon, polypropylene or polyester. Carpets are often used for variety of purposes such as making a room more beautiful and comfortable as a place to sit on the floor, it can be used for the purpose of insulating your feet from a cold concrete floor or tile.

The following are the advantages of using carpets:

  • Easy to clean and maintain:

Since most carpets today are manufactured with stain resistant making it easy to sop up the spills hence no liquid can pass through the surface and with regular vacuuming it becomes easy to take care and maintain a carpet.

If a carpet is maintained well, it is known to improve the quality of air in your house and it is very crucial to always keep it clean because it is known to trap allergens, dirt and dust if not cleaned properly, however if it is well cleaned it eliminates the particles that would be stirring back into the air that you breathe.

  • Saves energy:

Having a carpet helps you save energy because it provides insulation during winter and summer by preventing chills and heat coming from the outside seeping through the floors Hus reducing your bill for heating and cooling.

  • It has a nice feel underfoot:

It is known to be cozy and it has a nice soft feel on your feet and it also make your room feel warm and comfortable.

  • Minimizes Sound:

A Carpet is a good choice if you need to minimize sound in your bedroom or any room in your home. It helps to reduce sounds from TV or people’s conversations as well as other noises.

  • Appearance and Style:

A carpet’s color and pattern gives a room a certain beautiful appeal creating an image that you desire in your home. Because of the various patterns, colors and cuts it means that they come in different styles the suit your needs and style.

  • Safety:

A carpet reduces the chances or risk of accidents happening which could lead to major injuries. This is makes it the best option for children who play and run a lot around the house. It is also the safest option for Senior Citizens who also have a high risk of falling.

  • Cost saving:

It is much less expensive as compared to other types of flooring like the hard surface flooring. It is even cheaper to maintain and clean.

  • Sustainable:

With the latest technologies, old worn out carpets can be recycled into new carpets thus reducing the need for purchasing raw materials.

Fun fact to know is that one of the oldest carpets that was found in a Scythian tomb in 1940’s still exists today which is called Pazyryk and it is said to be 2000 years old. Another interesting fact is, a cool way to brighten your carpet is sprinkling salt on the carpet and leave it to sit for about an hour and then make sure to vacuum it afterwards.


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